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Things to Consider When Purchasing an HVAC System

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Indoor Air Quality

A lot of diseases and pests are airborne, and by circulating certain pockets of air you could be circulating potentially dangerous elements. Filters within your HVAC system are important, but there are other considerations to make. One is the shape and path of your ventilation system and duct work. Standing water can harbor microbes, insects, mildew and mold. Make sure that there is no possibility for leaks and puddles to form and that the path your air follows is sealed and clean.

Man-made materials can also find their way into your ventilation system. Fibers from insulation as well as chemicals leaking from paint and other substances can find their way in.

Energy Efficiency

Air Conditioning, ventilation, and heating can all be expensive items, made even more so by the cost of electricity to power them. It is a good idea to lower the cost in general by conserving how much power is actually used. There are programmable thermostats that you can choose to activate/deactivate at certain times of day, as well as units that measure air temperature and quality outdoors and adjust accordingly. Also make sure that you are not buying a unit that is too large for your needs; a certain size system is made for every size home imaginable.


Pollution not only can cause you physical harm but will deteriorate the environment and increase the need for more intensive home atmospheric control one day. HVAC units are regulated and their manufacture monitored to ensure that pollutants aren’t used, but be aware that there are certain substances that hurt the atmosphere and ozone layer are still in use. Foremost among these substances are CFC (chlorofluorocarbons). Formerly used in aerosol cans and refrigerators, they are still used in some cooling units. Some air conditioning units employ recycled CFC’s, but they might be more expensive. Reasonable priced CFC chilling units are on the market.

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