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Ventilation is simply the circulation of air in a building to your desired preferences. There are many ways you can ventilate your home. The first is natural ventilation. This simply means creating enough openings to allow breezes and currents to move the air around in your home. Even if the area you live in isn’t very breezy, open doors and windows can allow odors, moisture, and heat to be aired out of your home.

Forced ventilation utilizes fans and other machines to move air around. Forced ventilation can also change the composition of the air. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can also ventilate your home by increasing or decreasing the moisture in the air of your home. Usually, because basements have a lower average temperature than the rest of the house they have increased levels of humidity. Unless you live in a dry or arid climate, you probably won’t need a humidifier.

HVAC systems are popular and worthwhile because they take three components of atmospheric control in your home and combine them into one system. But utilizing central forced air to warm your house when it’s cold outside, central air conditioning to cool your home in the summer, and ventilation to change moisture levels and circulate air in your house, you’ll be in complete control. All these systems can be fitted to one set of ducts and vents, and the transition from one time of year and one set of conditions to another will be seamless.

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